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Charlie Rangel Takes A Leave Of Absence

Charlie Rangel announced today that he is asking Pelosi for a leave of absence from the Ways and Means Committee until the Ethics investigation is over.  He refused to take questions from the press.  He indicated that he was going to get back to work passing the Presidents bills.

  • Is it finally time for the Democrats to do the right thing?  Charlie Rangel has been embroiled in ethics issues for over a year.  He is the Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee.  This is one of the most powerful committees charged with, among other things, writing tax law.

Tax evasion, or the appearance thereof, is exactly what is bringing Charlie Rangel down. He is also suspected of taking a trip to St. Martin on a Corporate dime.

  • Hard to believe on his Congressional salary of $174,000 a year that he has managed to accumulate 7 properties in New York, Washington DC, New Jersey, Florida and the Dominican Republic. An amended disclosure form for 2008 puts his net worth at 2.5 million. Amended Disclosure

The New York Post published an article about the 40 years of tax evasion, misdeeds and contempt of Charlie Rangel.  Full Article

When Obama took office we were promised the most ethical legislative body in history.  The Rangel investigation has been going on long before this administration took power.  The administration has does nothing to fulfill their promise.  As of yesterday Speaker Pelosi was still refusing to censure Rangel or demand that he resign his Chairmanship of the Committee.

  • Is Rangel an exception or the rule?  One can only ponder how many other legislators have feathered their nest while on the job serving the American people.

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Charlie Rangel Takes A Leave Of Absence
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