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Waste of a game

Sometimes a person has to wonder. Who the heck comes up with this stuff? Was the person sane or did they have some sadist tendencies? I certainly do not know.

As sports fans, my family and I attend most of ISU's (Idaho State University) home football games. We have had season tickets most years. Going to games is a great family outing for us as we all love watching football. This fall will be no different. We will catch all of the ISU games that we can.

ISU plays a pretty good football game. They are members of the Big Sky Conference, which is considered a Division 1 conference. The members of Big Sky play in the Football Championship Subdivision of the NCAA rather than the Football Bowl Subdivision. For all intents and purposes, the FBS is considered a tougher division, and year after year, the stats will confirm this.

This week a meeting between ISU and a perennial pwerhouse will take place on the football field. In Norman, OK our guys will meet Oklahoma. The Sooners. I truly believe that this is a major mismatch. ISU is out matched, outgunned, and out of it's league in this game. Although I hope to be proven wrong, the score will probably be a reflection of the lopsidedness of this matchup.

This game, in my opinion, is a waste for both teams. ISU, although a D-1 school, cannot compete at the same level as OK. The ISU team will not get anything out of this game, except a trouncing. Oklahoma will not be tested to a satisfactory level, and would probably do better with a bye.

Sometimes I must question who has developed not only the whole division thing, but also the schedules. Any input?

Comment balloon 4 commentsKevin Robinson • September 09 2009 10:19AM
Waste of a game
Sometimes a person has to wonder. Who the heck comes up with this stuff? Was the person sane or did they have some sadist tendencies? I certainly do not know. As sports fans, my family and I attend most of ISU's (Idaho State University) home… more
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