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Does History Really Repeat Itself...???

Does history really repeat itself...???  

How many times lately have you heard that our economy's problems are UNPRECEDENTED in History...??? What a lot of crap...oops! I'm sorry, TLW...I just can't get you off my mind...  

History doesn't like being would rather be repeated...and it sometimes turns things so it remains that way...and only the contention that it is unprecedented is repeated...CONFUSING...???  

Just to clarify...If HISTORY truly repeats itself, let's ignore the rhetoric and confusion and hidden agendas coming out of D.C., and focus on the looming war...That's right...  

You only have to go back to pre World War II days to see the historic coincidences...and evaluate all the global 'hot spots' currently capable of producing an outbreak almost instantaneously...  

Now, I'm not an alarmist, nor am I advocating warfare, but I think it's important to stay on top of developments...and they occur quickly these as to respond appropriately...  

If I sound like a war monger, you don't really know me...  

My God is Jesus, the Prince of Peace, and I would like nothing more than to see and live in a world at peace...and to honor Him accordingly...!!!  

Arming our military is only a small part of an appropriate reaction... a much more fitting one...and if our prayer is persistent, even if it's misdirected, it may have a positive effect on a world in need of God...!!!  

God is HERE...let's get rid of our 'golden calves'...and we will find HIM...!!!



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