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Vehicle Mileage Tax in the News

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It is tough enough to have to pay high taxes on gasoline consumption but the reality is that governments need revenue to maintain our highway system.  I can live with per gallon taxes on the gasoline I purchase to operate my vehicle.

However, there are advocates in Washington who are pusing for implementation of a "vehicle mileage tax."  I am taking issue with this concept for a number of reasons. 

First and foremost, I do not want the government having a gps system placed in my car to track my mileage and then assessing me with a tax based on what they say are the miles I traveled. 

Secondly, it is an unfair tax.  It does not reward high mileage vehicle owners and does nothing to eliminate the gas guzzlers that are on the road.   It does absolutely nothing to motivate automakers to improve technology and produce high efficiency cars.

Perhaps the greatest reason for our government having an interest in a vehicle mileage tax is that they will have a revenue source in place should we ever reach the point where we eliminate petroleum-based products as the fuel that powers our vehicles.  We are still a long way from having vehicles that operate on something other than gasoline but some of those products are on the horizon. 

The present administration is "nixing" the concept; at least for now.  However, as time progresses and technology improves alternate fuel vehicles, we will see the day come where our government will implement this tax.  I hope that day never comes but it may.

I guess what will really irritates me more than anything else is the thought of our government applying that tax to the miles I put on my golf cart.  Now that will really upset me.

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Vehicle Mileage Tax in the News
I am reblogging this into my new group. It is tough enough to have to pay high taxes on gasoline consumption but the reality is that governments need revenue to maintain our highway system. I can live with per gallon taxes on the gasoline I… more
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