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How did we get here? All BUSH-BASHING-BLAMERS, Look and Listen

This blog sums it up pretty darn well.

Watch  and listen to the report. Listen to the windbags who are still in congress who told us" Oh, know, we have no problem" "You're instilling fear":  kinda like Obama has been doing since he got into office.

We all ought to be damn angry at our gutless and greedy leaders, who are leading this country into a black economic hole.

No, it wasn't  BUSH who caused all of our financial problems.

The Administration's warnings--starting in 2001-- fell on deaf liberal ears (Democrat and Republican)

It was the arrogant (primarily liberal deomcrats) congressional leaders, and particularly those who were directly involved with Fannie and Freddie who are largely to blame for wanting to maintain the status quo to garner public praise and votes.

These foolish leaders who can't read the writing on the wall, even though you stick their noses in it, want to give more of YOUR money to people who know how to "work the system"--and they will.

I know some will look at this video and say, "Oh, it came from FOX, it can't be true." Umm, yeah, they lie just like your favorite liberal media, right? Keep believing that. Keep believing in these leaders who want to give your money away, then CUT our deficit in 1/2: How will that be DONE?


Wake up and smell the coffee while breathing is still free.

Comment balloon 0 commentsKevin Robinson • February 26 2009 09:31AM
How did we get here? All BUSH-BASHING-BLAMERS, Look and Listen
This blog sums it up pretty darn well. Watch and listen to the report. Listen to the windbags who are still in congress who told us" Oh, know, we have no problem" "You're instilling fear": kinda like Obama has been doing since… more
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