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Is it a fine?

That depends on what the definition of "is" is. More to the point, who cares. When you have to pay, does it matter what some bureacrat calls it?

Say this with a wimpy lisp, " It is not a fine, it is a tax placed on you by the IRS". "It is only $95".

Ninety-five dollars! What is another couple bucks right? No big deal. Of course by the time the actual healthcare bill takes effect, the fine or levy or tax, whatever the fascists want to call it, will be $750.

Lisp again here, "but it is all for the public good. No more freeloaders allowed". That is odd. What about the freeloaders who take welfare, food stamps, etc. We pay for that. Getting something free is still freeloading, no matter what the lispy lefties name it. Someone who is in jail and gets something for free is a freeloader. We pay.

What about this idea. We tax anyone who is jealous of the rich. Thats right. If I make $500K per year, and some lefty thinks that it is unfair, how about, instead of me paying 5.4% MORE of my income to the IRS (remember it is not a fine, it is a tax. Get it right because what you call it matters), how about the lefty that really wants to have free healthcare gets to pay for it. Because even though they can afford it, they want the BMW more, and they really FEEL that someone else should pay for them. They are a freeloader and should be treated as such.

Fine, tax, levy the loonie lefties. They are the ones who want someting for free. And lets fine them the $95. After all, to them, it is no big deal.


Comment balloon 7 commentsKevin Robinson • December 26 2009 10:46AM
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