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Yes - I'm talking to you. That's still legal in this country for now. HOW DARE YOU? How dare you put one single American life at risk in a war you have no intention of winning? How dare you say in one sentence that it is in our "vital national interest" and in the very next sentence say but we are coming home in 18 months?

You've already told us you have a problem with the word "victory" and so now you are paying lip service to being a war time leader and you are using American lives for your personal politics. I repeat...

How dare you?

Maybe you've heard of one of this nation's greatest ever generals - General Douglas MacArthur - who famously said "In war there is no substitute for victory." Perhaps you feel you know better than him when it comes to military matters? Clearly you think you know better than the very general YOU YOURSELF appointed because you failed to deliver to him what he told you he needed.

But it is MacArthur I keep coming back to who also said "It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it." Did you ever attend a history class Mr President? Did they teach you these famous and oh so true comments by one of the greatest Americans to have ever lived?

His words should be permanently engraved on the walls of the Oval Office as you decide the fate of our brave men and women who go off to fight for freedom under a Commander in Chief who apparently has no idea what the mission is.

What is the mission Mr President? What is of "vital national interest" that will not be there in 18 months? Do you really believe that the Taliban will be defeated and the terrorist garbage who I refuse to give a name to, be driven from the land or better still, DEAD, when you can't even come up with the troop numbers YOUR GENERAL has begged and pleaded for?

And what happens if in 18 months time (hmmm...there might be a Presidential election underway here at that time, obviously that had NO BEARING whatsoever on your decision) if the Taliban are still there and if the terrorists are still there as well? Will you change your mind or will that be determined by how well you are doing in the polls?

It was perhaps the very worst speech you have ever given. Speaking as a writer it was so clear that there were sections of the speech where the teleprompter told you to "pause for applause" but there was no applause. Just uncomfortable silence.

There were numerous people falling asleep - ASLEEP - because they clearly didn't believe a word you were saying. They were in the presence of the President of the United States - in fact our first ever "rock star" President - and they were falling asleep!

Chris Matthews from your 'State run MSNBC' described your visit to West Point as entering the "enemy camp". Has any President in the history of this great nation been described in that way? When people who get "tingles" running down their legs when they think about you, to describe your visit in that fashion, it is perhaps time for you to wake up and understand the significance of the home you share with your family right now at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

"Vital national interest". Really Mr President? You were asked for 60,000. You were told 40,000 minimum and you gave 30,000 to support this "vital national interest". I am ashamed today. I am ashamed that we have a President who is either so dumb - which by the way I do not believe - or so self absorbed (which I do believe) that he is willing to place American lives on the line for (a) something he doesn't believe in and (b) so he can't be accused in some forthcoming election of being unable to make a decision.

Disgraceful! You clearly don't want victory in Afghanistan and so you MUST do the right thing.


I still have hope that you will see the light. I have hope that you understand that this nation was born under the grace of God. I still have hope that you understand that this is still - despite your best efforts - the greatest nation in the history of the planet. I still have hope that you understand there is NO WAR WE CANNOT WIN if the will to win it exists.

If you see that light and understand what office you hold and want to crush the last breath out of every single Taliban and terrorist in Afghanistan, then send 60,000 with a seek and destroy mission. Better still - a seek and turn them into dust mission. Our brave men and women could well be home in 18 months if you chose that route.

Simon L Conway
Still a proud American Citizen


(Copyright © 2009 By Simon L Conway All Rights Reserved.)

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