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Is my thinking hopelessly obsolete?

I'm pretty sure that I'm out of touch with the "mainstream" views on healthcare and the role of government.  I can remember when my thinking was the mainstream and those who disagreed were outsiders, but things have changed in my four and a half decades on this planet.

I don't think the government should ever be a charitable organization, a protector of businesses, or the center of science.  I'm not an anarchist. I see a role for the government.  From my viewpoint, the government's job is to defend our borders, pave our streets, fight crime and put out fires. But when the government wanders very far from these most basic requirements, then the government becomes polarizing, controlling and dangerous.


I see a limited role for government because I don't want to waste my energy arguing with neighbors, friends and relatives about how government power should be used. The less power the government has, the less time I have to spend arguing about what the government should do. 

I'm pretty sure that most of the cowboys and the pioneers and the settlers and our forefathers thought this way.  I was raised on a Captain Kirk who always wanted to break free from "paradise".  We don't want your stinkin' paradise, we want freedom---freedom to fail, freedom to succeed ... freedom.

dinosaur human comparison

But are we cultural dinosaurs?  

Is the role of the government to make certain that you have healthcare, and to dictate policy based upon the climate science? Is the role of government to decide what constitutes a family and what the definition of the sacrament of marriage is? You tell me.


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Is my thinking hopelessly obsolete?
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