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How many times have we read a story in the newspaper about some type of con artist? Some guy, or gal, goes out and purposely rips off old people. They get the old person to pony up their entire life savings in order to help the world or save an animal or whatever. The con artist always ends up getting away without a trace, but the it ends up that they are wanted for doing the same thing all over the place. They simply keep doing the tricks of the trade wherever they can, until they get caught, and then they move on. The old adage about changing their stripes always holds true.

Most of us get really outraged when we read about con artists. Just the fact that they rip people off is enough to get our blood pumping, but we all hate to be lied to. Someone who tells lies is considered untrustworthy. Even though the con artist may consider themselves an upstanding person in other areas of their life, there is still the fact that they are a con artist. They practice to decieve, and that makes them, in total, a non-trustworty person. Are they telling lies again, or are they being truthful this time? We never know.

In the business world, we are always hearing about people who hold themselves out as something that they are not. Here on AR, we are all in the real estate, building, or related businesses. Most of us are not only licensed by our states, but are also regulated by a state board which makes us promise to be ethical. Just that little ditty means always telling the truth in our dealings with clients and other business colleagues.

Lately I have seen an increase in unethical behavior in both the construction and real estate fields. Lots of people telling lies in order to make a buck. Folks acting like they are something that they most certainly are not.

Lets be careful out there. Take a look a who you are dealing with! Do not be afraid to investigate potential lies. It is your responsibility.



Kevin Robinson is a building consultant. He is formally educated in general residential construction as well as "schooled" on the job. Formerly licensed as a general contractor in the State of Idaho, he currently shows potential owner builders how they can save thousands managing it themselves.  He has written guest articles for a few construction type  magazines and also publishes his own small newsletter for owner builders. Email Kevin at


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How many times have we read a story in the newspaper about some type of con artist? Some guy, or gal, goes out and purposely rips off old people. They get the old person to pony up their entire life savings in order to help the world or save an… more
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