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My wife and I used to live next door to a woman who was a school teacher and served on various boards around town. She was often on the news in our area and was pretty well known. I cannot count how many times we saw her at the grocery store wearing her pajamas, a robe, and slippers.

This same woman used to open up meetings for the boards on which she sat,, when it was in her best interest, by telling everyone that she was raised in New England, and how New Englanders have a certain since of decorum that you do not find anywhere else in this country.

I digress for a moment.

Almost every company for which I ever worked employed a dress code. Most jobs have a specific "look" that employees must strive for. Techie, managerial type, librarian, suit, whatever. Toe the line whether you want to or not.

Even as a contractor, I have a dress code. One of my competitors here in town has been known to show up in Tommy Bahama shorts and shirt and $200 sunglasses when he makes a proposal. I once had a client tell me that they expected a contractor, not a pretty boy. Jeans, flannel shirt or T-shirt, and work boots is proper.

When making a presentation to a professional group though, I wear a suit. I am selling not only my information, but myself. The suit is half of the battle. It says I cared enough to dress up for you and I know how to dress the part.  My message will follow. Without the proper clothes, a suit in this case, I would only be half way dressed.

Good manners and professionalism also dictate that we dress properly for whatever we are doing. Pajamas and slippers are for sleeping or lounging at home. Nothing else.

I guess our President has a little New England decorum in him. He sure as hell could not put on a tie for his interview yesterday. Message received.


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Message Recieved
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